I posted a Facebook status today about how I’m ready to quit my life and run away to the Bahamas and I was amazed by the response. Seems like many of my friends have the same thoughts. There are enough of us that we could band together and form our own tropical village. At times, we all have moments when we are overwhelmed or stressed and we feel like completely changing our life is the answer. But maybe it really IS the answer.


So that leads me to ask you the question: what kind of life do you WANT to live? I’ve been trying to decide that for myself lately, and you know, I still don’t have a definite answer. When people ask me what I want out of life I typically say “I just want to be happy” but where does happiness come from? How do we get there?

Right now my child is in that whiny stage of life. Every “no” I tell him brings tears. And when I ask him to stop crying his response is always “I can’t”.  And to that, my response is always “yes you can, crying is a choice” (and that works to stop the tears because, no matter how many times I say it, the thought confuses him every time).  Happiness (just like anger, regret, sadness) is a CHOICE too. That’s a pretty powerful statement once you actually start believing it. This morning I was upset over something I had no control over. That is, until I realized that I really DIDN’T have any control over it. Crying wouldn’t change the problem. Neither would building stress, or yelling, or eating, or shopping. I had to let go and realize that everything would be okay. And while my problem hasn’t been solved yet, everything is still okay.

Today’s cliche statement is “life is short, so love the one you’ve got, because you might get run over or you might get shot” (it was going to just be “life is short” and then that Sublime song got stuck in my head). My point is, though, that our days are numbered. Why waste your time with unhappiness? Why build up anxiety and worry about things that you have no control over? Why live a life of drudgery and misery?  If you’re in a life you want to run away from, then RUN AWAY FROM IT. You don’t necessarily have to run to the Bahamas, sometimes all you have to do is change your attitude.

So I suppose I will not be moving to the Bahamas anytime soon. And while I’m still counting down the days to my next vacation (I’m going to Disney for the FIRST TIME EVER in 2 months), I’m going to take steps to make my life the one I don’t want to escape. I’m going to discover what and who make me happy and never let them go. Because you only get one shot at life, and I REFUSE to settle.

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