are YOU my weirdo?

I’m officially a weirdo. You see, I’m not one of those girls who plans her wedding in advance (I happen to think that finding a groom is step one…but many of my Pinterest friends disagree). In fact, I don’t even care much if I have a wedding, as long as I have a marriage to someone I can’t live without. The wedding is only one day, and a marriage is for a lifetime (and after going through this divorce, I have to tell you-the next person I marry is STUCK with me forever because I’m NOT doing the divorce thing again). But I did make a TINY decision about this imaginary wedding that I may or may not have in the future today. And it may or may not be a quote from Firefly that I want read in the service. And I may or may not be officially turning into a nerd. Which may or may not affect my ability to find a groom therefore making this imaginary wedding that may or may not happen more likely to stay imaginary. May I or may I not assume that you understood all of that?

The great thing about being single is that I am really learning who I am and what I like without the influence of anyone else. And I’m learning that I’m a weirdo. Let me give you some examples.

Things I like: puffy tacos, the aforementioned Firefly (which I never really thought I would like because it’s Sci-Fi, but my friends, it’s hilarious), Superhero back-stories, chess, wearing my glasses, Lego architecture, strawberry scented bubble baths, board games, Fight Club, Wii bowling, puddle stomping in my Marc Jacobs wellies, South Park, making up dances as I go along in life (in my car, at my desk,  and on the spot in the middle of class), Disney princess movies, slot machines, Buffy, sleeping for 12 hours after a long night of dancing, brunch, quoting Friends because I can, coffee, saltwater and all things that are made with saltwater (although the only thing I can think of is taffy…), drinking beer while in my strawberry scented bubble bath (because I’m classy like that), any kind of love story, budgeting, Vogue, discount shoe shopping, poker, roller coasters, Hello kitty, Pulp Fiction, speaking in funny accents in public, pretending I know Spanish, Tenacious D, and my new love for Veggie Straws (they are like potato chips, but they are made with vegetables).

See there? That’s a whole lot of proof that I’m a weirdo. But in some way or another, we are ALL weirdos. I’m just looking for someone who thinks my weirdness (and continual stock of Hello Kitty bandaids and craft beer) is adorable. I’ve met a lot of new guy people in the last few months. And the only thing they really know about me is that they think I’m pretty and I come off a tad sarcastic. They fail to see that I’m a pretty quick judge of character, and that’s why I never answer their calls (except that one guy…he was really nice and had a good head for business, but he ordered me a Bud Light so that was pretty much his death sentence right there). I want someone who wants to get to know my weirdness, and who will embrace it.

I feel like that baby bird in the book “Are You My Mother?”. Instead of looking for my mother, I’m looking for my nerdy soulmate. If only dating were as easy as searching for his mother was in that book. You see in the book, the baby bird just asked everyone if they were his mother, and they answered him directly with a “no” (except, of course, his actual mother). I wish dating were like that.

“Are you my nerdy weirdo soulmate?”  (this is the part where the right person leaps forward, and tells me that it’s perfectly normal to want a Firefly wedding and then buys me a GOOD beer).

Love is patient, love is kind. It hopes all things, it endures all things. Love is the single greatest force mankind has ever known. Greater than hope, more powerful than faith. Love can inspire, it can forgive. It can provide hope and give meaning to this thing we call life. Love is a grand thing, well, it’s beautiful. A miracle, really. And when two souls are able to share in that miracle, cherish it. Fight for it.    -Shepherd Book

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