Crash…into me.


I am currently car-less at the moment.

Well, I have a rental car to drive for the next week while the insurance company does their thing, but essentially, until I buy another one, I am car-less. This is the second car accident that I’ve had in my life where my car was totaled, and I should have been killed or badly injured. Both times, I have been able to walk away from the scene with nothing more than bruises and scratches (although this time I was badly burned by the seat belt, but otherwise fine). Both times I have looked at the wreckage in amazement that I can walk away from the scene.  Both times I have lost vehicles, but thankfully no lives.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. God has definitely had His hand protecting me both times. It was a difficult situation, but things could have been a lot worse. When I think about all of the “could have beens” it scares me. Knowing that someone could have been killed, my child could have been with me, or I could be in the hospital right now.  Having to shop for a car unexpectedly is the least negative situation that could come from this. I am very thankful for the hand I’ve been dealt, even if I am still in minor pain.

Sometimes when we end a relationship, it’s a lot like a car accident. You stand back and look at the wreckage and see all that you have lost. You lose the familiar. You know you will eventually have to shop for a new relationship, even though it’s time consuming and draining. It’s painful.  But even though it’s hard, it’s usually for the best. When things don’t work out God is telling us that “it could have been worse”. If you had stayed with that person, things might not have turned out like you thought they would. You would probably be more unhappy in the long run.  Better to face your pain now and move on.

And that’s what I’m doing, in love and in cars. I am finally in a place where I can let go of all the past negativity and simply move on. I don’t cling to what was anymore. I don’t wonder “what if” because I know that it would be worse than the path I’m on now. Everything happens for a reason. People leave you. They move on. And it hurts. But know the pain of loosing the wrong relationship is nothing compared to the long term pain of staying in it. And even though I have to give up my little Kia that signified my independence (my first “on my own” “without my husband” car purchase), I know that I’m going to find a better car that I absolutely love to replace it.

Stuff happens. Cars get totaled. Relationships end. The only thing you can do is just let go and move on to something better.

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