50 Reasons Why it’s Fabulous to be Single on V Day (well, and every day).

Exactly one year ago today I was a hot mess (more than usual).  The boyfriend that I was madly in love with had just broken up with me over the phone (better than a posti-it, I suppose) the day before Valentine’s Day. I was broken and sobbing. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I was absolutely devastated. It’s hard for me to believe that was only a year ago because now it feels light-years away. I can’t imagine being that person whose happiness is so wrapped up in someone else. I have now fully adjusted to being single and couldn’t be happier.

So if today, on the day where your partner is supposed to celebrate you, you are single and that makes you sad…let me give you a few reasons why it ROCKS to be single so you can celebrate yourself.

1. You never have to explain a purchase whether it’s greek yogurt or expensive shoes.

2. You can do whatever you want with your vacation time. Cruise to Mexico with your girls, or sit alone for a week and read peacefully–it’s YOUR choice. No more family vacations to the Grand Canyon to worry about (unless your family does that…in which case, I’m sorry).

3. No more extra people in your life to cause drama. I was very fortunate that I loved every person in my last bf’s family, but typically there is SOMEONE who will give you a headache. His mom/sister/aunt/grandma might not like you, and you spend LOTS of extra time trying to please them. Don’t have to worry about that!

4. You can eat cake for dinner, and there is no one around to give you grief about it.

5. SLEEP. Lot’s of extra time to sleep. It seemed like I was constantly sleep deprived in my last relationship because we had different work schedules and SURPRISE! I adapted my life to his schedule. Staying up until 2AM when I have to get up at 6:45 the next day…no prob! Except, it was a problem. And now, I’m free to get a full, uninterrupted 8 hours whenever I please.

6. Free stuff. If you are a single lady, you will eventually get free stuff. Whether it’s discounts at the frozen yogurt place, or free drinks at the bar…it will happen. And it wouldn’t happen if you had a boyfriend on your arm. Just sayin’.

7. You get to dress up ALL the time. I read a quote yesterday that was perfect: “I dress for 2 people now, and one isn’t you. I dress for myself and for someone new”.  Every day is an excuse to dress up because you never know who you might meet. The possibilities are endless (and they weren’t there when you had a boyfriend…).

8. LIPSTICK! Everyday, all day long. No more complaints from the guy who’s smooching you. New boys LOVE lipstick (or at least they pretend it doesn’t bother them).

9. Sweatpants and yoga pants at home. No reason to look cute during your downtime.

10. Hours of VOGUE and pedicures.

11. Crap TV that you get to choose. Yeah, I’ll have that Saved by the Bell marathon if I WANT to.

12. No one to say “I told you so”. So, you probably shouldn’t have done that thing. But if you had a bf around he would go ON and ON about what a mistake you made. Now that you’re single, you can just eat a cupcake and move on.

13. You get to pick EXACTLY what YOU want. Where you live, what you drive, where you go, and what you do….it’s all up to YOU with no comments from the peanut gallery.

14. You can enjoy Magic Mike without feeling a hint of guilt.

15. Wearing super high stilettos without having to worry if you will be taller than your guy (or if it will make him feel insecure).

16. No more crazy Facebook stalking of new girl “friends” of his necessary. Oh, don’t even act like you didn’t do that.

17. You don’t have to shave your legs until you WANT to.

18. You can drastically change your look (hair cut/ color, tattoo, piercing) without worrying what anyone else thinks of it.

19. You don’t have to hear stories about or deal with ex girlfriends anymore.

20. Your house/apartment/condo feels bigger because someone else’s crap isn’t in the way.

21. The only moods/emotions you have to deal with are yours. Having a bad day? You can feel that way without worrying how it affects someone else. And you don’t have to worry about the roller-coaster of someone else’s moods (MY favorite part!).

22. No one else’s annoying/gross habits to deal with.

23. You can eat leftovers without worrying if there is enough for two.

24. No more worrying about what to get someone else for all of these holidays. Save your cash.

25. There are six billion other people you haven’t met yet. You can start meeting them.

26. You never have to worry about not feeling “good enough”. You are the only person you have to please.

27. You can take as long as you like to get ready. No one hurrying you along telling you it should only take 15 minutes to get dressed.

28. No matter what size it is, your bed will be bigger without that other person to take up the space.

29. You don’t have to explain where you’ve been or who you’ve been with…ever.

30. You don’t have to be “Jessie’s Girl”. If Rick Springfield (or anyone else for that matter) is in love with you, they are free to tell you.

31. No more “WE” and a lot more “ME”. You don’t have to consult with someone else to make plans for yourself. You aren’t known as “so and so’s girlfriend”. You are free to have your own identity and life.

32.  You never have to worry if you’re being cheated on, and the only cheating that you’re doing is on your diet.

33. You can put off chores because you have no one to impress or nag you about doing your dishes.

34. Unless you really want to, you don’t have to watch boy movies.

35. There’s no one to judge you for using your credit card too much.

36. Pinterest. Hours and hours of Pinterest without having to explain what it is or what it’s purpose is.

37. You can freely make comments about relationships without someone thinking you are talking directly about them.

38. You don’t have to worry about what you post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Whether it’s a status about a fun night or a picture with another guy…you have no one to explain your behavior to (although you still want to make sure that you’re not being completely inappropriate boyfriend or not).

39. You will never be able to explain the value of a $250 dress to a man. Now, you don’t have to. Just buy the dress.

40. Paint your nails any color you like without hearing comments like “your nails look like they have blood on them” or “that shade of pink looks like a bubblegum factory”. Maybe those were the looks I was going for. Jeez.

41. You will inevitably have more fun. You will go more places, meet more people, and do more new things while you’re single because there is no one holding you back.

42. Quiet time and alone time are A-OK. When you’re in a relationship it’s very rare that you get those things.

43. You can focus on your career/ school/ life goals.

44. You have more time for your friends. Admit it. When you’re part of a couple you leave little to no time for your girls. Now, girls night’s are a regular occurrence!

45. The toilet seat will always be down.

46. You don’t have to remember anniversaries or birthdays or other junk like that.

47. You know you’re going to have another first kiss.

48. You never have to ask or wonder “where is this going”. I know where this is going: straight to the shoe store.

49. You get to dance around to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” AND you can honestly “put your hands up”.

50. You know you’re not SETTLING.



So, what are your favorite reasons to be single?

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